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06 Nov

Over the decades the exotic Bali Island has become traveler paradise as well as a delight spot for shoppers. It offer sceneries, hospitality, traditional culture, arts and souvenir. The island is lay down on the South line of Indonesian Archipelago with tropical weather. Summer clothing and pareo are offering in every art market on the island. But you might not realize that Bali island also has captivate handcrafted products, kitchen wares and home decor to offer.

02 Nov

Finding wood carving items in Bali island could be an easy task, since Bali has known for its arts and artist.
Bali is one of the famous island in Indonesian archipelago which has many talented artists like carvers, painters as well as dancers.

09 Oct

Bali Songket is a valuable cultural heritage of fabric handicraft. A traditional fabrics product of heritage are made using a specially designed traditional tool called 'cagcag'. Workers in an effort to resolve the songket are sitting on the floor with cagcag tied up at the waist.

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